The Illuminated and cozy restaurant with a capacity of 56 seats offers healthy meals without using semi-finished products. Restaurant is open from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m. In the afternoon you can enjoy our famous home made Grany´s fruit pancakes and cakes or just have a cup of coffee.

From our home kitchen

  • Home made venison pate with dried plumbs, cranberires and wine reduction
  • Foie gras with onion and apples
  • Fillet of venison sirloin wit red wine sauce and potato cakes
  • Sirloin in a cream sauce with cranberries and dumplings
  • Venison specialities, made to order
  • Rabbit thigh with spinach and gratin potatoes
  • Stuffed quail and potato-chive puree


Season menu

Сезонное меню

Наше меню

Taste of our menu

Roasted chicken thigh

Pork goulash, pasta

Mixed cheese plate with olives

(“Blaťácké zlato”, walnut, smoked cheese, cream cheese, sardines, olives, eggs, butter, garnish)

Prague ham with baked potatoe, horseradish and mustard

Beef goulash

Dutch steak, mashed potatoes, gherkin

Pheasant breast ragout with mushroom and rice

Pork steak with parsley potatoes

Hot vegetable plate with an egg

Season menu

Fillet of venison sirloin with red wine sauce and potato cakes

220 Kč

Sirloin in a cream sauce with cranberries and dumplings

145 Kč

Roasted pork with cabbage and dumplings

95 Kč

Pork caree with beans roasted on bacon and baked potatoes

155 Kč

Plum jam pockets with butter

65 Kč

Bread with cracklings spread

65 Kč

Home made head cheese with onion and vinegar

75 Kč

Venison pate with cranberries

75 Kč

Bread with Tyrolean bacon

89 Kč

Smoked herring

75 Kč

Fried mushrooms with potato

120 Kč

Lounge bar

If you need to arrange a workshop, a meeting or a family party there is a small lounge bar for 17 people available. It is situated behind the lobby bar. It provides a WI-FI access and a wide screen TV with a DVD player.